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Give Your Home More Street Appeal with a Quality Fence

There are many reasons to invest in a quality fence for your home. A fence provides security for people, pets and property as well as safety for the little ones and privacy from the neighbours. 


It also provides shelter from the elements for your house and plants, definition for landscaping and a framework for planting.


However, to stand the test of time and look good enough to improve your home’s street appeal and value, your new fence needs to be carefully crafted.

Alchemy Creates Quality Aluminium and Glass Fences For a Range of Settings

At Alchemy we’ve been making fences and balustrades for more than 20 years. We supply and install high-quality aluminium fences, designed to stand the test of time. We can manufacture and install fences for your property’s boundary or areas of your garden that you want to section off. We also provide pool fencing which is required by law in New Zealand. Our pool fencing meets all necessary safety standards and we can install stylish framed glass fencing so you can maintain safety without losing the view of your pool or across your garden.


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We Install Commercial Fencing too

Aluminium fencing is ideal for commercial properties, schools and early childhood centres. Aluminium is low maintenance and long-lasting and powder coating means you can install a fence that matches your corporate or school colours if you would like.


Our on site manufacturing and welding capabilities mean we can adapt fencing to suit your site and offer a quick turnaround time for your project.


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