In New Zealand we have the Fencing of Swimming Pools Act 1987. This means that – unless you qualify for a specific exemption – every private swimming or spa pool for which you’re responsible must be properly fenced to a legal standard.

Our pool fences and gates comply with all of the requirements of the Act. And with our knowledge and experience in this field we can work with you to find an attractive, economical and compliant fencing solution.

You can choose from one of the many different styles in our impressive modular systems range from which we can create your pool fence and gate, or we can help you design a custom-made solution that’s tailored exactly to your needs.


Safety first: prevent children and pets from entering the pool area unattended. This classy, contemporary design features clean, unobtrusive lines that do not block out the surrounding lawn and beautiful foliage.


Here’s a cost-effective yet stylish pool fence design that works well with the lineal lines of the house and scale of the property.


The perfect compliant spa-pool gate and fence solution for a compact area.