We have many years of experience in gate automation. We can supply and install a simple remote control operated driveway gate for residential properties, and add a keypad, intercom and video camera for additional peace of mind. We can also interface your gate security with your home security system.

And for commercial premises our vehicle gates can be accessed with a wide range of entry and control functions. Access for a small or large number of authorised people can be via remote control, keypad or swipe card.

Optional features of the automatic gate systems we can provide include:

  • secure manual release for use in the event of a power outage
  • remote controls with ranges of up to 200 metres using either radio or infra-red frequency with compact transmitters and receivers to enable easy positioning in little space
  • keypads and code locks with secure access for a multiple number of users that are back-lit with a built-in push-to-exit facility or a relay for 1 - 99 seconds
  • audio intercoms that include a surface mount door panel, keypad, call button, name plate and a wall-mountable handset with electronic call tone and door release facility
  • video cameras so you can identify who is at your gate before allowing access.

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